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Best Guns in PUBG: Knowing your Toys! 1. AKM (The Prodigy AR). Compared to other assault weapons, the AKM is more powerful than some of them, but is prone to... 2. M416 (The Chosen One). It is ranked second in the list of best guns in PUBG, ahead of the AWM. It has various... 3. Beryl M762 (The DPS. The Vector also benefits from being able to receive a grip, various magazine types, muzzles, sights and scopes, and a stock. This is one of the best PUBG weapons for close encounters. UMP9 Ammo: 9m PUBG: Best Melee Weapons. Pan. PUBG's iconic weapon is also the best choice when it comes to taking a big fat melee swing at enemies. It's an insta-kill if you clang it off someone's body, and most importantly of all it's bulletproof to boot The best PUBG guns - what are the weapons to take? MG3 LMG Decoy Grenade Assault Rifles M416 AKM M16A4 SCAR-L SMGs Vector UMP9 Shotguns S12K S686 Pistols P18C Sniper Rifles Kar98k Mini 14 SKS Air Drop Weapons AWM M24

The Top 10 Best PUBG Weapons, Ranked 1. SKS. A sleek DMR with variable setups - this one'll clean 'em out from anywhere. Did I just rate a DMR higher than... 2. Kar98k. A quintessential sniper rifle, minus the mad dash to a crate to get one. In PUBG, there are few things as... 3. Mini-14. Give 'em a. You likely already know PUBG's assault rifles can do some serious damage, and the overall best weapon found throughout any map or in any weapon category is the M416. Not only can it utilize all.. Recommended SMG mods: Extended magazine - Absolutely vital to make the Vector and Uzi in particular shine, as the base, magazines are so shallow. Suppressor - High rate of fire plus near-silence is.. Weapon Base Damage Fire Rate Reload Duration Spawn Rate Avg. Accuracy Avg. Kill Distance ; Mini 14 : 46 : 0.13s : 3.6s : 3.93% : 24.86% : 82.11m : Mk14 EBR : 6

Info for PUBG version — Generated 2021/06/30. Damage. Hits to kill. Time to kill*Burst mode. Distance: Damage per shotgun pellet. Body Armour (0-3): Helmet (0-3): No Helmet We're huge fans of each of these weapons, but the reliable UMP9 is the best go-to. It's easy to handle and deals decent damage. The Vector's incredible for shredding enemies, but needs an Extended Magazine to be truly viable. Something to keep in mind Best Weapons in PUBG Pistols & Side-arms. In terms of firepower, the R1895 and R45 are the best and also equally matched but the R45 has... Melee Weapons. Whether it's a machete, crowbar or a sickle, rest easy knowing they all have the same power level and... Crossbow. The crossbow is a very special. TOP 10 BEST GUNS/WEAPONS IN PUBG MOBILE with TIPS AND TRICKS AND WEAPON GUIDE!Thank you for watching :D If you find this video any helpful, give feedback in. RANKING ALL WEAPONS BEST TO WORST - PUBG - YouTube. RANKING ALL WEAPONS BEST TO WORST - PUBG. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try.

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  2. Here are the best long range weapons in PUBG. M24 Sniper - This sniper might be the most powerful of the bunch, and can generally kill a player with one shot to the head, no matter their health...
  3. The most basic PUBG tip one could give is to find the best weapons available to survive the madness in the battlefield. In PUBG Mobile, there is excellent weapon balance to help us single out the.
  4. PUBG Best Season Eight Weapons- M416 While the M416 isn't a supply crate weapon, it is definitely one of the best weapons in PUBG just because of its versatility. Players can kit the weapons out with a range of different attachments that can drastically change the way it is used

The M416 is a very reliable weapon that fires 5.56mm rounds and offers single-shot and fully-automatic firing options. The SCAR-L could very well be in this place, but the M416 offers a slightly.. Working out the best PUBG guns is undoubtedly the focus of PlayerUnknown's Battleground. Each of its numerous weapons are tuned for a combination of semi-realism and frightening lethality Whether your weapon of choice is a melee weapon, a pistol, an assault rifle, or submachine gun, there are plenty of weapons and attachments to be had. Below you'll find a guide to every single death-dealer available in the game as of September 2019 update 4.2 (Season 4). PUBG Assault Rifles AKM. Hit Damage: 48; Initial Bullet Speed: 71 To top thing off, the weapon is pretty common in PUBG, and with a little it of practice, it might just become your go-to weapon for all scenarios. UMP45 - SMG The UMP45 is another very good SMG..

Light Machine Guns are exceptional PUBG weapons when it comes to dealing damage in an area or suppressing the enemy team, restricting their movement. However, since the only LMG is the M249, there is no point in comparing it to any other gun. In other words, the M249 is the best weapon in PUBG when it comes to Light Machine Guns The OTs-14 Groza is easily one of the best weapons in PUBG Lite, featuring massive damage on par with the AKM along with the second-highest rate of fire in the entire game!. Any player who manages. Best Weapon Tier List. In PUBG Mobile, only the best guns can get you to the top! Weapons ranked in this list are based from the GameWith's team's experience - considering effectiveness, stats, damage, etc

The AWM is the most damaging weapon in the game. All the weapons from airdrops in PUBG Mobile are amazing and you should definitely grab one if you are able. However, amongst those guns, the AWM is probably the best of them all. With its high damage and bullet speed, the gun would one shot everything with a headshot, and two-shot a level 2 vest PUBG: Best weapons to use on the Karakin map; PUBG: Best weapons to use on the Karakin map. Gaming. The Karakin map is an island off the coast of North Africa and is only 2×2 in size The conclusion the gambar logo pubg keren best weapon tier p! Pubg mobile season 6 release date features and. 10 best weapons gambar pubg keren in pubg mobile pubg weapons list. Pubg weapon attachment overview latest pubg mobile dragon mode corrections thanks for. Datamined vehicle, boat, loot, weapon spawn locations R1895. The last weapon of PUBG Mobile that needs to be covered is a revolver. The R1895 is a sidearm that has extremely high upside but it can be very difficult to use. One thing that a lot of players need to do with the R1895 more is to utilize the fact that it has high penetration PUBG Weapons - Best Short Distance . Tier Weapon Damage per match ; Tier 1 : Vector. 145 HP : Tier 2 : S686. 120 HP : Tier 3 : Micro Uzi. 111 HP : PUBG Weapons - Best Long Distance . Tier Weapon Damage per match ; Tier 1 : M24. 138-145 HP : Tier 2 : SLR. 100-108 HP : Tier 3 : Mini14. 98 HP : PUBG Weapons - Best DPS . Tier Weapon Damage per.

We ask some of India's top professional gaming athletes to list what they love about their favourite weapons in PUBG Mobile. Written by Soham Rane Published on 20.08.2020 · 7:50 UT Good Weapons in PUBG 2020. AKM is a powerful assault rifle, which is equipped with a magazine for 30 rounds of 7.62mm caliber. This weapon has great lethal force, but strong recoil, so it is difficult to conduct targeted fire from a long distance using this gun. AKM is suitable for close and medium-range battles BEST WEAPONS PUBG, GENERAL CLASSIFICATION. This list is based on the statistics of each weapon. These are the best PUBG weapons for the moment! Now let's analyze each category. ASSAULT RIFLES. The complete list of assault rifles on PUBG. This type of weapon is considered the best one of the game due to its effectiveness in fighting, both from. Some weapons are better than others in PUBG. Here are the best weapons and equipment players should go after the moment they land on the battlefield. PUBG is one of the biggest battle royale titles on the market.Standing strong alongside titles like Fortnite and Apex Legends, this entry offers a more realistic and grounded battle royale experience

PUBG: New State - Top five guns. Below, we rank the top five best guns/weapons in PUBG: New State, counting down from 5th place to the absolute best gun to use. 5. M24. M24 in PUBG: New State. (Picture: Krafton) M24 is a sniper rifle and spawns randomly on the maps in PUBG: New State Monthly Weapons‎ - list of weapons that PUBG Corp added in Early Access. v · e Weapons. Firearms. Assault Rifles. AKM • AUG A3 • Beryl M762 • Groza • M16A4 • M416 • Mk47 Mutant • QBZ95 • SCAR-L • G36C‎‎‎. DMRs. Mini 14 • Mk14 EBR‎‎ • QBU • SKS • SLR • VSS Vintorez. Rifles. Winchester Model 1894 This page contains a guide on the best weapon and equipment looting spots and areas in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), including popular and uncommon locations on the map, area names, typical loot obtained, and the risks involved in proceeding It takes a lot to win in PUBG, but familiarity with the map and its weapons is key.A good loadout usually consists of a long-range gun and a back-up weapon for up-close encounters

The 7 Best Weapons in PUBG Mobile. 1 of 8. Next . by Sergey_3847. The mobile version of PlayerUknown's Battlegrounds has almost all the essential weapons of the original game. Most of them can be found on the ground, while others can be obtained only through air drops. In any case, it's a good idea to know which weapons to look out for PUBG: 5 Best Weapons In The Game (& The 5 Worst) PUBG features a lot of weapons for players to choose from but some of them are much better than others. By Kuldeep Thapa Published Jun 28, 2020

Build A Battle-Ready Loadout! PUBG has a lot of weapons, but the selection still isn't as broad as some titles. Nevertheless, they each serve a specific purpose and have their place in the game! Some weapons are useful in more diverse circumstances than others, like assault rifles, but there are moments when every gun shines - or sucks. This is why you can carry two primay guns in PUBG. If you want to know about some of the best weapons of PUBG Mobile, read the whole article. The weapons in PUBGM differ by damage count, specification, and spawn rate. There are different categories of weapons present in PUBG, such as Assault Rifle, SMG, Sniper Rifle, Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle, Light Machine Gun, Melee weapons and Pistols PUBG.OP.GG is the statistics, ranking, survivalpoint, rp, rating and match history website for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PUBG Weapon Tier List. Find out what the top weapons are in PUBG with our PUBG Weapon Tier List.. Reddit user AnarchySwitch compiled a breakdown of the stats of each of Battlegrounds' weapons, providing a look at which firearms are the most powerful in each category. Though hit detection issues mean that some of these weapons might not get the job done as accurately as the below spreadsheet. Best Guns in PUBG Mobile Ranked: PUBG Guns List If a strategy is the brain of PUBG Mobile, guns are the lifeline of the game, and being oblivious about them could kill you instantly. While playing the game, many players have no clue as to what kind of gun they are using, and some die while figuring it out With PUBG, the best weapon will change depending on the situation. One can loot and hide their way to a victory while only killing a single player, or one can camp out and snipe their way to victory. Of course, going beserker is an option as well. 7. Looting Is a Fun Alternative to Fighting

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Pubg Quotes Best PUBG Mobile Quotes Collections, Royal Pass, Sayari, I Have Free Best Pubg Game Nepali Quotes. We Collection Best Pubg Mobile Quotes. Home; Here PUBG Mobile Assault Rifles Weapons List. Search for: Recent Posts. Pubg Season 19 Week 1 RP Mission Tips 2021 Best Gun in PUBG Mobile: M416 Assault Rifle. The M416 is considered to be one of the best guns in the game, and it is also our personal favorite. Apart from offering a wider range of attachments. The Top 10 PUBG Weapon Skins 10) Turquoise Delight Available For: Kar98K, M16A4, P1911, and Tommy Gun. Players can find this weapon skin in Raider Crates. This isn't a super rare weapon skin, but it certainly looks cool. The best-looking part of this weapon skin is the actual turquoise-colored area combined with the black coloring (and there.

The unendingly changeable roster of PUBG guns and weapons takes a staggering amount of time to truly master. Each individual gun brings to the table a unique set of stats, spray patterns, behaviours, and other quirks.. Our PUBG guns & weapons guide seeks to level out this learning curve just a little, by providing you with all the most up to date stats and opinions on each weapon Here are the highest 10 greatest weapons in PUBG Mobile after the newest replacement. Top 10 Guns In PUBG Mobile. There is a brand new gun - FAMAS within the newest replacement 1.2. Besides, the sport builders made some enhancements in two widespread bolt-action snipers, together with Kar90ok and M24 Best five non-airdrop weapons in PUBG Mobile. Players can equip a gun in a game from houses, buildings, and other structures/sites for combat. The best ones can only be equipped via airdrops The top 10 guns / weapons in PUBG Mobile with highest damage. May 4, 2019 by Gaming Josh Team. It doesn't matter if it is a pistol, a sniper rifle, or a shotgun. Some players would want to give the most damage with a single shot to the enemy. Even their Level 3 Helmet or Vest should have to be damaged, and that's what this list is all about

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  1. The gun uses 7.62 mm rounds and has a magazine size of 30 bullets. It can be extended by 10 bullets by this attachment. This gun is preferred by a lot of players because of its high firing rate and provides enough damage to an enemy. Because of its damage and fire rate, it makes it to the 2nd position of the best TDM gun combinations in PUBG.
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  3. With so many weapons in PUBG Mobile's arsenal, it might get confusing for players which are the best ones to carry around. The list in this article includes the best spawn weapon from each category except shotguns. M416. The M416 is one of the most popular assault rifles in the game. Offering a damage of 40 with each bullet, it might not have.
  4. The Sawed-off is the second-worst weapon in PUBG Mobile. This pistol is only available in Miramar. But it's the good news because this gun is the weakest pistol in this game. This gun causes less damage than other shotguns. Besides, it's less reliable than pistols because of a lower rate of fire. Sawed-Off is the worst pistol with a low rate of.
  5. The only pistol that fires in PUBG automatic, its caliber causes little damage, but makes up for it with a large magazine. Grade: 7. P92. A modest weapon, capable of good shots, depending on the skill of the player. Rating: 5. P1911. Powerful and iconic, the 1911 fires a very powerful bullet, capable of detonating enemies even with a vest and.
  6. Shotgun Best Guns and Weapons to Use in PUBG. S12K - There's only one shotgun we would recommend in PUBG, and that is the S12K. It's not an easy weapon to find, but it is the most tactical.
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Unofficial PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Interactive Maps. Datamined vehicle, boat, loot, weapon spawn locations Best Assault Rifles in PUBG Mobile. 1. Groza. Groza is one of the most powerful assault rifles that you can take to the virtual battleground. The weapon is best suited for mid-to-close-range engagements and can easily take down enemies with a single shot. It also offers a decent rate of fire at 7.62mm PUBG Mobile Weapons - Melee. The Pan has the best damage, but in terms of DPS the Machete, the Crowbar and the Sickle are really the same

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To win the chicken dinner, players need to choose the best weapons. Since PUBG allows players to carry two primary weapons, the combination of weapons becomes important PUBG Weapon Stats - Best Sniper Rifles for Long Range Kills. By Sarmad Lillah Aug 30, 2017 Aug 30, 2017 Share. Share. Copy. Each weapon in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds aka PUBG comes with its.

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The best PUBG weapons - and why. Now you have all the essential info, it's time to do a little thinking about how these play out in-game, because cold, hard stats aren't everything Best Place to Buy Cheap and safe PUBG Mobile Items (Gun Skins, Weapon Skins, M416 Skins, Clan, Popularity, Clothes and more) from PUBG Mobile Shop Z2U.com, PUBG Mobile Material for Sale online, cheap, fast, 24/7 2. Groza. The Groza is the best of the assault rifles and one the best PUBG guns generally, but you'll only find it in air-dropped crates. It matches the AKM's base damage, but has a better fire rate than that gun (and all other ARs for that matter). Its fire rate even outmatches some of the submachine guns Pistols are not in an especially good place at the moment. They're weak, inaccurate, and have bad iron-sights. If you're using a pistol during any stage other than the first five minutes of a. AWM - The AWM isn't just the best sniper rifle, it's the best weapon in PUBG. Seriously, the damage is absolutely insane, so it's forgiving if you miss a shot. M24 - The M24 is a close.

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PUBG Weapons Tier List September 2020 does not have many changes since last month's, as we're in the middle of Season 8 with no weapon updates since the LMG buff.Here are the best weapons in PUBG. The AWM is the illustrious and the best gun in PUBG Mobile. Found only in airdrops, it fires .300 magnums. The bullet velocity of this rifle makes it pretty easy to lead shots upwards of 200 meters. This is the only rifle in PUBG Mobile which can completely destroy a fresh Level 3 Spetsnaz Helmet. #3 AKM (AR) We already have a weapons guide for PUBG Mobile, but it is nearly a year old.The game has changed quite a lot since then, and lots of weapons were added to the maps - especially with the latest zombie update.Therefore, we have decided to update our guide: Below, you will see PUBG Mobile weapon tables with detailed info, our recommendations for each category, and some tips and tricks.

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1. The AWM (Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum): Base damage 120 The AWM is the most powerful and deadly gun in PUBG with the longest range. Found only in airdrops, this bolt-action sniper rifle can knock out an adversary even if he/she has got a level-3 Spetsnaz helmet. The AWM is one among the only two ranged weapons in the game (the other is the crossbow) that can kill a player. The best gun in PUBG depends on you. What is the Best Gun in PUBG? PUBG offers a wide selection of melee items, pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, shotguns, and sniper rifles. Each weapon.

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Jump To. Gun categories. AWM. GROZA. M24. M416. DP-28. PUBG Mobile is gearing up for Season 13, which means plenty of new content across maps, cosmetics, and more. To get ready for the new season. You can check PUBG weapon analysis data. PUBG weapons, PUBG gun, PUBG parts, PUBG weapon list, PUBG ar, PUBG sr, pubg wiki, pubg rifle The MK47 Mutant is the recently added assault rifle in PUBG Mobile and uses 7.62mm ammo. With hit damage of 49, the two shot burst mode makes this gun lethal in close and mid-range fights that.


  1. ate zombies, you need to pick the most effective one. So, let's check out the best weapons that you should use while playing the Zombie Mode. #1 Machine GU
  2. The Best Weapons in PUBG Mobile. SKS - If you like the range of an assault rifle, and the stopping power of a high caliber sniper rifle, the DMR weapons are for you. They offer high damage at a.
  3. Which gun has the most bullet drop in PUBG Mobile? Before we get to the best weapons to choose from, let us take a look at the gun which has the most bullet drops. PUBG Mobile does have a bullet drop, meaning that the further the shot, the higher a player will need to aim in order to hit the target
  4. There are so many kinds of weapon in PUBG Mobile and not all of them are good enough for you, whether you are a pro or not. This article has narrowed down a list of best mid-to-close range guns in the game, which may help you make better choices on the battlefield
  5. Weapon List & Tier. In PUBG Mobile there are currently 42 weapons with 7 different types such as Assault rifles, Sniper rifles, DMRs, Submachine guns, Light machine guns, Pistols, and Melees. View all weapon types & tier down below
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  1. PUBG LITE Survivor's Guide. Variant of the G36 rifle made in Germany. The C stands for 'compact'. A modernized version of the beloved classic. When you absolutely, positively, got to kill everyone in the room, accept no substitutes
  2. g. by Boudhaditya Sanyal February 12, 2021 0 comments. PUBG mobile is a very diverse game where players can choose between multiple weapons depending on their playing style and temperament. Players can make multiple weapon combinations in the game. There are 378 weapon combinations that can.
  3. As many will be aware, there are only a total of four shotguns available to players in PUBG (including the sidearm 'sawn-off' shotgun that can be equipped instead of a pistol. While there is a much greater limit for this type of weapon, we still thought it important to outline the best shotguns so that players can keep an eye out
  4. QBU and QBZ. Both these weapons are Sanhok specials; you won't find them anywhere else in PUBG Mobile. This is one of the best combinations for the Sanhok map; one is great at handling close fights where the other one is prepared for long-range Crusade. QBZ is an exclusive assault weapon in the Sanhok map, which uses a 5.56mm bullet

If your gun has the right attachment, then it can change all kinds of battles and make it perfect for any situation. However, most of the players choose the M416 gun because it has low recoil, decent damage, and fire rate. M416 supports all the attachments, so it is highly customizable and one of the best weapons in PUBG Mobile game PUBG MobileAll Weapon List & Stats. All Weapon List & Stats. Find info about all the weapons currently available in PUBG Mobile in this Weapon List. Info included on Magazine Size & Reload. Use this as a reference when gathering your gear Melee Weapons are a weapon type in BATTLEGROUNDS. 1 Summary 2 Data 3 Guides 4 Navigation Melee weapons are often a weapon of last resort - they don't have any range and have poor rate of fire. That being said, if you can get the drop on your enemy, you can absolutely use these weapons to great effect, getting a relatively easy kill. That's hard to do, though, so as said before, you should. Weapon damage tends to be tweaked after major updates. Be sure to check back here after updates to see what weapons have been nerfed. PUBG Corp, the developer of the game does not release official.